20 - Judgement Print
Interpretations - Major Arcana

Η Κρίση


Judgment is one of the most powerful cards of the Tarot. This card, illustrated according to the christian Judgment day, shows the dead being judged and resurrected at the call of archangel Raphael. This is the last of days and in the Tarot it symbolizes important changes and life-changing decisions. 

General Meaning
The Judgment indicates personal regeneration. It is the figurative resurrection of the individual after a long period of trial. Man is being reborn into a better world but this can't be an external procedure. The key is in your hands. When you get the Judgement card, you need to reconcile with your past experiences, friends or foes. Your new self cannot be born unless you rid yourself of all mental and emotional burden. Now is the time to forgive and forget, let go and accept (yourself and others). 

When you get the Judgement card, you need to realize that you have learnt all the necessary lessons so this is a time of releasing yourself from anything that hurts you. This card is the last one before completion (symbolized by the World) and its position in the sequence indicates that you can't complete your journey if you don't rid yourself of any negative feelings that are holding you in the darkness. Your personal resurrection is near if you decide to forgive the people who did you wrong (including yourself!). This card indicates final and irrevocable decisions that bring a new peace in your life, paving the way for healing and renewal.

The changes indicated by Judgement differ greatly when compared to the changes brought on by the Death, Tower, or Wheel of Fortune cards. The latter is about perpetual motion and rotation of situations, the Tower is about an external catalyst that reveals unpleasant truths and Death is about the dramatic transformation of your life through the painful but necessary end of a situation. Judgement is about internal change: through reconciliation and acceptance you manage to rise and enter into a new cycle of life, free from emotional burdens, guilt or frustration. You no longer blame or judge anyone, what is done is done. Deeply relieved and liberated, you now move on to new, higher and better circles of your life, carrying no burdens of any sort. 

In negative position
If the Judgement appears upright in a negative position, it suggests that your inability or unwillingness to forget, forgive and reconcile is the only obstacle in your life. Stop torturing yourself with bitterness and guilt. Apologize to people you hurt or abused but don't cling to the past. Accept the transformative power of Judgement in your life and move on with courage and a new sense of freedom. Alternatively, even though you may be criticized by some people, you needn't pay attention. The important thing now is to rise into your new life.


The reversed Judgement indicates the bitterness you may feel about the outcome of certain situations. It's very possible someone is holding you responsible for a negative turning of a case. People's final judgement is not favorable for you and the punishment of abandonment is possible to follow. There's no reason to panic. This card suggests that even if you could go back in time and change things, the result would be the same. Once again, you need to release yourself from emotional chains and burdens. Your “resurrection” may still be away but it's up to you to work on it. After all, what's the use of crying over spilled milk? Think about what went wrong but don't try to change it now. Strengthen yourself and move on. Don't allow yourself to be buried in the past.

The reversed Judgement may also indicate that you are not yet ready to make big and final decisions. You need to be very serious and careful. Take your time if you wish to but keep in mind that what you decide today will change your life forever.