1 - The Magician

Ο Μάγος

The Magician is the first card in the Major Arcana sequence and he often stands for the individual who uses his talents and resources wisely in order to achieve his goals. On his table lie the four symbols of the Minor Arcana: a cup, a sword, a wand and a pentacle. All of these tools are at the Magician's disposal. He can use them as he wishes. The Magician himself is holding a double-edged wand and points to the sky. With his free hand, he points to the ground. This position indicates the Magician's awareness that it is both useful and necessary to combine both spiritual and mundaine energy in order to achieve our goals. Each of these energies is incomplete without the other. This is something the pactical Magician knows well, judging from the infinity symbol above his head.    

General Meaning
When the Magician card appears in a spread, it is certain that you have the ability to combine your aspirations with your talents. The Magician stands for decisiveness and urges you to take action in order to achieve what you want. Make good use of your talents and advantages and try to be more communicative. Now is the time to show the world what you can do. Be creative and brave. 

Even if the situation doesn't seem so favourable, the Magician card encourages you to open up your eyes and ears to what's going on around you. You need to be more flexible now and a little more convincing. Use your talents wisely in order to captivate other people's attention and interest. You can now fascinate and seduce. Your allies are your focus on one goal, your practcality and astuteness, your skills and knowledge and your enterprising spirit. Plan well ahead and communicate your message wisely. 

In business matters, the Magician generally favours working on your own rather that beeing an employee. If you're planning to start your own business,or if you're taking any other kind of personal initiative,  the Magician is very favourable. 
In a negative position
When the Magician appears upright in a negative positions, he usually implies that you don't use your skills and talents effectively. You could be underestimating or, overestimating your abilities, position or progress. You act hastily, without a plan and you may be arrogant or indecisive. You tend to scatter your energy, believing that someone else will take care of you. You may also believe you already know or have everything but this is just an illusion. Try to concentrate on what you want to do. You may indeed have some experience, skills and knowledge but the question here is how you use them.  Plan again, be focused and humble. 

The Magician upright in a negative position may also indicate that an intelligent and skillful man in your environment is blocking your progress. He uses tricks and underhand techniques and manages to trap you, so you may notice that you constantly stand back and compromise. You need to be practical. Use your creativity in order to stand up to such a person. 

If the Magician appears reversed, he may stand as a warning of a double-faced, wicked man. You need to be extra cautious and reserved in order to avoid beeing cheated on. People's motives are not what they seem when the Magician appears reversed. Double-check information before you believe anything or anyone.

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