3 - The Empress


This is one of the most favorable cards in the entire deck. The Empress is the archetypal Morther-Earth, a symbol of fertility, fruition and creation. She is sitting on her throne in the middle of a richly sown field, with a full-flowing river in the background. She's wearing a beautifully embroidered dress and a crown with twelve stars (symbolizing the twelve constellations of the zodiac). She's holding a golden scepter and her heart-shaped shield, with the symbol of femininity carved on it, rests by her feet.


General Meaning
The Empress indicates harmony and satisfaction in all key areas of life, especially those related to creation and prosperity. She is particularly favorable to family affairs and artistic pursuits. The Empress is the one that ensures the fruition of the seed and the preservation of the plant, especially during the first period of its life, when the need for care is greater. She is the Mother-Nature. She provides, protects, nurses and nourishes all things alive. It is no coincidence that this card is often associated with the possibility of a pregnancy. On a deeper level, however, the Empress, with her intense feminine symbolism, emphasizes the love and care needed in order to ripe rewards. Whether it's a love affair, a family plan or a new business venture, the Empress encourages us to take particular care of it and shield it with all our love and devotion if we want to succeed.

Moreover, the Empress is associated with abundance, joy, close emotional relationships, compassion and vitality. If the question is about personal relationships, the Empress prompts you to take care of or motivate your partner if you're a woman. If you're a man, the Empress indicates that your female partner will support you a lot with her love and care.

Finally, the Empress represents all types of mothers: it could be your mum, your mother-in-law, the firm you work at or an important teacher with motherly behavior. Trust her and she'll be of great help.

If the Empress appears upright in the outcome position in a spread, the result will always be positive for you, no matter what the other cards indicate. 

In negative position
If the Empress
appears upright in a negative position she then usually indicates that a very strong woman, with a smothering behavior, is standing in your way. Once again, it can be your mother, mother-in-law, boss or teacher. This card indicates that matriarchy, not matter what form it takes in your life, has a negative and oppressive impact on you. Alternatively, the Empress in a negative position indicates that you refuse to cultivate the field in which your plans will prosper. Focus on preparing the ground.


When the Empress
appears reversed, she usually indicates the unbearable oppression by a matriarch. Try to get rid of her, she only wants to control you. Or, maybe, this oppressive woman is you! Are you sure you allow all members in your family (including your partner) to breath? Regain your balance and avoid power struggles.

The second interpretation of the reversed Empress is that of lack of means or methods. Financial loss is indicated, as well as failure due to poor planning. Creativity is wasted or misdirected.

Finally, the Empress reversed often indicates health problems associated with conception, pregnancy or menopause.


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