4 - The Emperor


The Emperor is sitting on a stone throne decorated with rams' heads.
He is dressed in a rich red garment above his armor and he is holding a globe in one hand and a scepter in the other. This is the archetypical Father, a symbol of power, law and order. 


General Meaning
The Emperor symbolizes power and law. On one level he stands for the father, the husband, the boss, the ruler or any other male person exercising great influence and power in your lives. The Emperor makes the laws and commands obedience. His main cause is to serve the already established order of things. He's courageous and he won't avoid defending his laws, even if this means war. Characterized by strength, discipline and vigor, he will be a very powerful ally and he certainly hates competition.

The Emperor stands for strong will, determination and perseverance. He is very favorable to all business plans. If you agree to obey his laws, he will be the most powerful ally you can get. Get organized and don't get discouraged by difficulties. Plan carefully and show discipline and focus on your goal. The Emperor's square logic and determination can help you. 

In negative position
If the Emperor
appears upright in a negative position, he prompts you to wonder about the essence of power. You may find that everybody obeys your orders, but how many happy individuals can you find around you? You may have become dominant and stiff. This card is also an indication of obstacles and rejections coming your way. Try to be realistic and correct your flaws before you proceed. You seem to be lacking discipline and courage.


When the Emperor appears reversed, he's an opponent you can't beat. Stop fighting, it's pointless. Avoid stubbornness, it will only be a waste of time. Problems with authorities and the law are also underway. Be prepared to face the consequences of your actions. Alternatively, the reversed Emperor may symbolize a despotic, highly selfish patriarch (father, boss or partner, a man who oppresses you). This may also be a man who abuses his authority, an aggressive ruler who won't back down on his irrational demands or claims. Bribe and corruption are also very possible.



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