8 - The Strength


The Strength is one of the most powerful cards of the Tarot. Οn the illustration of this card we see something quite impossible: a young woman is taming a lion with her bare hands. How could this be happening? The answer is simple: intellectual superiority can defeat a seemingly stronger opponent. 

General Meaning
The lion on the Strength card symbolizes our negative emotions: anxiety, jealousy, fear, selfishness, our mistakes, flaws, bad behavior. Whatever we carry inside and creates problems in our lives and in our relationships with others is symbolized by the lion. This is the beast hidden within us. And this beast has to be harnessed otherwise it will devour us. How can we achieve this?

The young woman on the card is not strong or aggressive, nor is she holding a gun or whip. Still, she manages to tame the beast. Being determined and absolutely conscious of herself and her goal, give her the necessary courage, endurance and strength in order to master the wild lion. Naturally, the battle with the beast is not easy. The girl is pushing the jaws firmly and persistently, calmly exercising her power. This card indicates that you have the mental reserves to fight the beast inside you as well as any external opponent, no matter how strong he appears to be. If you are conscious of what is going on and what you want to achieve and if you are determined to get to the end, this is a card of victory and domination over any opponent. The infinity symbol over the girl's head indicates you shouldn't neglect your spirituality, even in times of hardship or battle.

When you get this card, you need to look inside your soul to find the strength to forgive, to forget and to courageously defend your beliefs. Keep in mind that all beasts surrender to a superior power, and this power can only be spiritual. Show self-awareness and tolerance and don't give into anger, hate or revenge. You have all the strength you need to overcome any obstacle, particularly the obstacles posed by lack of discipline or compassion. Remember: nobody can get you involved in a battle unless you allow them to.

This card also indicates healthy and energized sexual life and powerful attraction. Finally, if the question is about a health issue, the Strength card indicates improvement and full recovery. 

In negative position
When the Strength card appears upright in a negative position, it then usually indicates that you abuse your power. You are too selfish and you only wish to dominate. This attitude causes nothing but resistance. Alternatively, this may be someone who is trying to control or restrict you. Stand up and fight for what you believe is yours. Don't be afraid that you will only make matters worse. You need to regain respect. 


When Strength appears reversed, it indicates a total loss of self-control. There's anger, rage, frustration, vicious fights, bitterness, vengefulness and perhaps, physical violence. You need to calm down, otherwise collapse is very close. If you are the victim of such behavior, you need to keep away from anyone who treats you so cruelly. Take some action at once in order to stop such attacks. Pack and leave if necessary. Intolerance, physical strength and misunderstandings can make a very dangerous combination. And remember, the angrier you become, the more vulnerable you are. Protect yourself from any risk.

On another level, the Strength card reversed indicates health problems and sexual malfunction, especially along with the Ace of Wands reversed. 



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