11 - Justice

Η Δικαιοσύνη


Justice is, in my opinion, the wisest major arcana card. Its most important lesson is that life is little more than a game of balance. The woman illustrated on the Justice card is seated between two pillars and she's wearing a red cloak and a golden crown. In her hand she's holding scales and in the other a raised sword. In some editions, the woman is blindfolded. The symbolism of the card refers to the ancient Greek ideal of justice: it must be impartial and it may sometimes have to apply the law by the sword.  

General Meaning
A first interpretation of this card is associated with real justice: if you have been wronged, you can expect that everything will be settled in the best way for you. If you are involved in a legal dispute, the decision will be in your favor. Any injustice that has been done will be corrected.

On a second level, Justice symbolizes balance. If you're going through a period of unrest, especially over family or professional matters, the Justice card urges you to think objectively. Try to take into account the views of all fighting sides before you make a decision. Objectivity, clear thinking and impartiality can now help you see things more clearly and find a useful solution. You may have to distance yourself emotionally in order to make the best decision. This card doesn't favor personal relationships as it brings in an air of coldness.

You need to remember that sometimes the decisions the Justice applies are neither easy nor pleasant. What matters is their fairness and truth. The Justice card calls for adaptation and responsiveness in order to overcome difficulties and adversities. Think wisely and act without passion. The universal law of action and reaction or of cause and effect always applies when you get the Justice card. Accept responsibility for your actions and decisions.

In negative position
If Justice appears upright in a negative position, it usually indicates reluctance and cowardice in situations when you know what you need to do but still you hesitate to do it. Fear is causing stagnation and lack of true balance. Think about your options and do what is necessary in order to balance the scales again, even if it means that you have to be strict with yourself or with others. The sword carried by the figure symbolizes the truth and a clear consciousness. Any indecisiveness may prove particularly harmful for you.

In addition, Justice upright in a negative position might be an indication that your life is imbalanced because you simply can't stick to your priorities. Try to see yourself as a whole. You have practical as well as emotional and spiritual needs. Don't act like a parent who favors one child at the expense of the other.

On a third level, this card may be an indication of prejudice. You may be the victim or the offender. Correct any negative behaviors and try to be objective and precise. Listen your head, not your heart. 

The first interpretation of the reversed Justice may seem a little harsh: justice is still done but this time it is against your interests, and indeed, it is rightly so. You have made mistakes and it will show. Any legal disputes or conflicts with other people won't have a favorable result for you simple because the truth is not on your side. Alternatively, it may mean that there will be significant delays in the administration of justice, court case postponements and other legal complications.

On a second level, when Justice appears reversed, it indicates injustice and imbalance. Someone is being unfair, cruel, biased, uncaring and manipulative. This may be you or somebody else. You may also be facing someone's firm refusal to accept any responsibility for their actions or attitude. But you need not worry. Justice will eventually be done, but probably when you're long out of the picture. Let go of the situation and move on with your life. Don't try to make amends now. Accept the fact that sometimes life can be unjust, at least for a short period of time. 




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