17 - The Star

Το Αστέρι


The Star is one of the most positive major arcana cards. On its illustration we can see a nude girl pouring water from two urns into the lake and on the fertile ground. In the sky above her, there are many shining stars but the one in the center is the brightest of all. This is her guiding star!  

General Meaning
When you get the Star in an spread, you can expect your hopes to be realized in the best possible way! This is the card of fulfillment, inspiration and divine guidance. You need to believe in the bright side of life. Let the stars illuminate your mind and soul!

Another tip of this card is that you need to focus on one idea or task at a time. The celestial vault above the girl's head is full of stars but only one of them can show her the way to her personal dream. You need to define your personal path and focus on it. A positive attitude coupled with faith can work miracles now. In case of health issues, healing is indicated.

Another interpretation of the Star card is associated with the revelation of some important truth. Also, you will receive help, even if you don't expect it. Be positive, optimistic and helpful.  

In negative position

When the Star appears upright in a negative position, it then usually indicates that your too positive or too negative feelings are preventing you from realizing what is really going on around you. You may be overly optimistic, or exactly the opposite, too pessimistic and negative. Make sure you manage to see things more clearly without sacrificing your integrity. In another sense, a truth revealed changes your plans. Accept it and move on with optimism.

When the Star appears reversed, it is usually a sign of pessimism and negative emotions. You can find no hope or inspiration which makes you feel frustrated and lonely. There may also be a crash of hopes or dreams. However, the positive effect of the card remains. Hope, optimism, positive thinking are all there for you if you decide to open up to the flow of life again. Make an effort, it's definitely worth it, no matter how hurt or disappointed you feel at present.



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