19- The Sun

Ο Ήλιος


The Sun is one of the most favorable major arcana cards. It is shining brightly in the sky symbolizing light, optimism, solutions, joy and beauty. On the illustration of this card, we can see a large, bright and invigorating sun washing a naked child in its glow. The smiling boy is riding a white pony and he's waving a large red banner, a symbol of joy and victory, amidst a fully-bloomed garden. The Sun is the card of happiness! 

General Meaning
Without the Sun, there is no light. Without the light, there is darkness, doubts, fears, misunderstandings, lack of courage and strength. The Sun's bright light clears away all fears and beautifies everything: people, situations, life itself. The Sun shines with the light of truth. The Sun revives nature and people. After the long torturous night under the light of the Moon, we can finally celebrate our exit to the light. There is resolution, reconciliation, vitality and happiness. At last, things are starting to look up!

Glory, victory, triumph, recovery from illness, reconciliation, reunion, enthusiastic new love, love for life, reward for efforts, joy and friendship are just some gifts of the Sun. Any problem you may have had, now finds a solution. You needn't worry any more! This card may even be and indication of pregnancy along with the Empress or the Four of Wands. 

The happy naked child on the card's illustration symbolizes the child within us. Many times, we tend to wallow in the darkness of fear and insecurity, thus losing our innocence and optimism. But if these personal trials lead us to new insights, if we can overcome our fears, become more flexible towards people and things, if we offer and ask for forgiveness, then the child inside us is awakened all afresh with his enthusiasm and zest for life, waving the crimson banner of joy and victory under the brightest Sun.

In negative position
I believe that the Sun card has no negative interpretations. It may just mean that you need to be a little careful so as not to be carried away by unfounded optimism or your love for victory. You need to be plain and down to earth. Everything will work just fine, anyway.

When the Sun appears reversed, it may indicate that there is a serious psychological block which prevents us from getting in touch with our real needs. Fear or frustration have a deeper root than they show. You need to see things more positively. Appreciate who you are, what you have and what is offered to you, either by nature or circumstance. You will very soon come back to the light!



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