21 - The World
Ο Κόσμος

The last card in the sequence of major arcana, the World symbolizes completion and success. It is widely considered to be the best card in the Tarot deck. On its illustration, a naked girl is dancing with her legs crossed, and holding two double-edged rods, at the heights of heaven, surrounded by a laurel wreath of victory and joy. At the four corners of the card, there are three animals' and a human head, symbols of strength, triumph of consciousness and wisdom. The woman is celebrating her unity with the universe, dancing her celestial dance of joy and fulfillment. 

General Meaning
The World symbolizes the successful completion of a cycle. Whatever difficulties you may have come across in your way, your efforts are now crowned with success. The World brings recognition, joy, happiness, achievement. The naked girl depicted on the card has her legs crossed, in a posture that resembles that of the Hanged Man, but she sees the world from a different angle. The journey is complete, you have taught and been taught and everything seems to be finally falling in place! One cycle is successfully completed. It is time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts and dance, at last, liberated and grateful. You can now appreciate the harmony of being part of the Whole.

The World is the card of a successful transition from one cycle of life to another. In this sense, and on a more material level, the World often symbolizes a journey, usually in remote or foreign places. When the World card appears, however, you need to remember that despite your triumphs, your greatest achievement is your new consciousness. Use your past experiences when you enter a new cycle of life.

In negative position
When you get the World upright in a negative position, it may indicate that your impatience to finish something up causes great distress and frustration. Calm down. This card promises you the best possible prospects. You don't need to worry anymore. Everything is almost done. 

Even when the World appears reversed, it is still a positive card. When ill-dignified, it may indicate that a little more effort and patience is required before a successful completion. Stop worrying that your work, time or effort will be wasted because it won't. You just need to keep the faith. Another interpretation of the reversed World may be associated with postponements of trips and important activities. Finally, the reversed World may indicate a love-affair or marriage between middle-aged people.

Only if the World appears reversed, in a negative position and surrounded by negative cards, could it mean that progress and completion of a project are at stake, simply because you have learned too little from your past ordeals. You need to learn a lesson before you're able to move on. 



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