Three of Cups

The Three of Cups has a beautiful illustration: three young women, with their hair adorned with flowers, are dancing in a circle, raising their full cups in the air. This is the card of brotherhood / sisterhood, support and acceptance. It symbolizes the precious moments we share with friends and family.

General meaning
On one level, the Three of Cups is the card of social interaction. You can expect plenty of calls and invitations to joyful gatherings, parties and celebrations where you'll have the time of your life! In addition, the Three of Cups indicates that these activities are especially favored through various social groups and activities. Team spirit is now rewarded!

On a second level the Three of Cups indicates the euphoria we enjoy through deep emotional bonds. Sisterhood /brotherhood, friendship, unselfish love and abundance are all depicted on the card. So when you see the Three of Cups, you can rely on long-tested friendships, or people with whom you share the same feelings of appreciation for one another.

Sometimes, when the question relates to personal relationships, the Three of Cups may bring the happy news of a pregnancy. If there is no such possibility, the Three of Cups then advises you to be more relaxed with your partner. You can certainly become more playfyl and look out for opportunities to have fun together, especially through expanding your social circle.

In negative position

If the Three of Cups appears in a negative position, you need to reflect on the way you socialize. How has your social life been lately? Are you isolated? Are you afraid to open up to people you meet? Or, are you aimlessly wasting your time and resources, chasing a superficial life full of parties? The Three of Cups in a negative position invites you to set new limits on yourself and unblock what prevents you from socializing properly and to your own good.


If the Three of Cups appears reversed, it advises you to keep your distance from people who may be double-faced as there is danger of deception. Some of your friends are not real friends. The Three of Cups reversed indicates that something is very wrong in your relationships with the people close to you: old friends and siblings are in a rat race where selfishness and self-interest prevail. The feast is destroyed and everybody is a possible foe.


On a second level, the Three of Cups reversed symbolizes promiscuity and lack of ethics. This card also warns you to keep away from any abuse, even in food. On an emotional level, the Three of Cups reversed indicates problems in romance. There is no support or tolerance. Make sure you carefully consider what you want. Finally, the Three of Cups reversed is sometimes an indication of infidelity. It is quite possible you are involved in a love triangle even if you're not aware of it. 



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