Four of Cups

What could this man be thinking about? Sitting beneath the shade of a tree with his arms crossed, he doesn't seem too interested in the cups in front of him, neither does he care about the fourth cup offered to him through a magic cloud... The Four of Cups is the card of questioning, doubt, denial, self-defense, apathy, isolation, boredom and indifference. 

General meaning

When the Four of Cups appears, the Querant is probably not facing any particular problem in his/her life. Everything seems to be neatly and properly arranged, there is abundance and generosity. Yet, this seems to be causing boredom and apathy. This person cannot appreciate what he has, even if some things used to be a source of pleasure. When you see the Four of Cups, it is necessary to re-assess your values, goals and achievements. Why are you so unhappy when you are surrounded by so many wonderful things / people? Your energy is very low but a change of lifestyle and attitude is now needed. You need to take the necessary steps to get out of the rut. If you take action now, all positive feelings will return.

On a second level, the Four of Cups shows that your relationship with yourself needs a little digging. You may doubt your abilities and thus get easily discouraged. You also tend to take everything personally, becoming touchy and too defensive. Try to sort your feelings out and be fair with people around you.



In negative position



If the Four of Cups appears upright in negative position, it may indicate that you are so wrapped up in yourself that others can't find a way to approach and help you. Avoid apathy and take on a more positive look at what you are being offered.




If the Four of Cups appears reversed, it usually indicates that the person has drifted so deeply into doubts, hesitations and boredom that he runs the risk of self-pity and depression. You need to roll up your sleeves TODAY and take some initiative in order to change your life and attitude. Stop torturing yourself with thoughts of guilt or vanity. Dare to rid yourself of what hurt you in the past and don't give into apathy and depression. Do seek professional advice if things seem to be getting out of hand. Don't give up on yourself for no reason whatsoever.


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