Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is a very sweet card. It depicts two young children in a garden, exchanging cups full of flowers as gifts. This card celebrates childhood, innocence and kindness. It is the card of pure soul.

General meaning

The Six of Cups is associated with childhood and innocence. When this card appears, you can trust the motives of others, as they are noble, selfless and sincere. Moreover, the Six of Cups is associated with nostalgia and memories. Remembering past happy times fills you with optimism and courage.

The Six of Cups also indicates a much desired reconciliation with someone you love. Remember that Sixes always indicate balance. On a more practical level, the Six of Cups indicates a meeting with someone loved from the past or that you will soon receive a gift from someone who truly cares about you.


In negative position

If the Six of Cups appears upright in a negative position, it indicates lack of confidence in others. Try to have a positive attitude. Even if someone hurt you in the past, it looks like they deserve a second chance.



If the Six of Cups appears reversed, then you probably have a tendency to cling on to the past. You cannot overcome past trauma, which prevents your current progress. You need to stop living in the past. Also, if the Six of Cups appears reversed, there may be good reason for not trusting the others. Their motives may not be as innocent as they seem so protect yourself from people you don't know so well.


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