Seven of Cups

The vivid illustration of the Seven of Cups, symbolizes our multiple options and deep desires. The man is looking at the sky and among the clouds there are seven floating cups, each containing something different: money, a laurel wreath, even a snake are some of the things offered to the man. There is also a veiled cup, symbolizing the unknown.

General meaning

When the Seven of Cups appears, it usually describes a situation where we don't know what to choose! Everything seems interesting and desirable, so our choice is difficult. When you get this card, you need to show realism. Remember that Sevens talk about how we can keep control of situations. Don't let a feeling of disorganization influence you. With this card, there is the danger of being carried away by wishful thinking, fantasies and illusions. Consider your options carefully before you proceed.

In negative position

When the Seven of Cups appears upright in a negative position, it shows that you are probably overestimating your abilities or you're exaggerating about how good a situation is. In questions relating to personal relationships, this card indiacates you're carried away by appearances. Things are not what you think they are.


If the Seven of Cups appears reversed, it indicates that you are experiencing delusions about your actual situation. Open your eyes and ground to reality! Accept the truth and you will feel much better. Also, the Seven of Cups reversed indicates that your mind is filled with hundreds of ideas, thoughts and options. You may feel weak and disoriented, but only logic can help you make the right decision. Unfortunately, you can't have it all!




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