Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is a card that indicates a change in the course of life.
The man on the illustration is turning his back to the eight cups standing before him and he's heading for a different future. If you take a careful look at the picture, you will notice that despite the fact that eight could easily by divided by two, forming two balanced lines of cups, in this case we find five cups in the first row and three in the second. This is an obvious sign of discord and disharmony. 

General meaning

When the Eight of Cups appears, it usually indicates the dissatisfaction you feel about a current situation. All may seem neat and properly arranged but you're not happy and you wish to set a new course. Most of the times your current situation, be it your marriage, job or housing arrangement, isn't satisfactory for you any more, even if it used to be a source of delight in the past. Your disappointment is now urging you to abandon old ways, old relationships and old places. Changing your lifestyle and finding a new path in life is very important for you now. The Eight of Cups favorus such changes. This card often indicates a divorce or a breakup, changing jobs or houses. The Eight of Cups is a card of courage and action, like all Eights. You are no longer afraid to claim what you really need in life, even if this means that you have to leave some people or situations behind.


In negative position

If the Eight of Cups appears upright a negative position, it indicates you should consider your options very carefully. Are you just used to grumbling about everything, refusing or avoiding any initiative for change? It often happens that people lack the courage to make radical changes in life, for fear of the pain a separation may bring. But your progress in life requires a change now. Maintaining an unsatisfying relationship or a boring job won't get you very far anyway.



If the Eight of Cups appears reversed, it is a warning that this is not the right time for change. Such a decision requires more thought and better planning. Don't be reckless. Let time work on your side. The conditions for making the desirable change will be better in the future. Avoid all disruptive moves at the moment. 


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