Nine of Cups


The Nine of Cups is the so-called “wish card” of the Minor Arcana! Look at the man on the illustration: Full, content and happy, he's sitting in front of nine cups, which indicate abundance and satisfaction. 


General meaning


When the Nine of Cups appears, it indicates a time of great satisfaction and happiness. Everything you dreamt or wished for is finally happening. Now is the time to enjoy your success. In matters relating to personal relationships, the Nine of Cups symbolizes physical and spiritual satisfaction and fulfillment. This card also emphasizes creativity and it encourages you to share your talents, success, blessings and good luck with the people around you. The Nine of Cups promises the realization of your desires and wishes.


In negative position


If the Nine of Cups appears upright in a negative position, it usually shows that you're displaying a somehow sybaritic behaviour, which harms your plans. Nothing seems to be working right, simply because you're too absorbed to take action! Sunk in bliss, you're unable to see what's going on around you, no to mention taking a positive initiative. Well, wake up and smell the coffee! Nothing can happen if you don't put your energy in it. The card in this position is also a warning to avoid being stubborn at this time. 



If the Nine of Cups appears reversed, it usually indicates complacency and indifference to the needs of others. Also, the Nine of Cups reversed may mean that a situation may seem simple and satisfactory but there are many ugly feelings hidden under the surface. You need to tackle such problems with a daring spirit. Bear in mind that appearances can be deceptive. Finally, this card reversed may indicate a wish coming true but the result is a lot poorer than you had imagined. 


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