Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups represents a sensitive and affectionate woman. She is tender and compassionate. She displays great understanding and love for others along with respect and care. Despite her passive posture, this woman can show great determination if the circumstances call for it. Empathy is her great skill. She trusts her instincts and acts accordingly. On the illustration of the card, we can see this kind-hearted woman focusing on the cup in her hands as if it is a mirror of her soul. 

General meaning


In matters realting to personal relationships, the Queen of Cups stands for a woman with the above-mentioned characteristics. This card is also an indication of emotional harmony and effective communication with your partner. A supportive card, it brings fulfillment and contentment.


In professional matters, the Queen of Cups represents a woman with the above-mentioned characteristics, who trusts her instincts in order to make decisions. This is not a woman of big plans and aspirations but she is self-conscious and thus manages to achieve success. If this card appears in an advisory position, it advises you to be more tolerant with people around you. Don't forget that every person, from any background, needs to feel well and secure in order to function effectively. Show understanding and most importantly, respect to the people you work with.


In negative position


If the Queen of Cups appears upright in a negative position, it usually indicates either that a woman with the above-mentioned characteristics is standing in your way, or that your excessive sensitivity is preventing you from proceeding. Don't fall into the trap of self-pity and stop taking things personally. In addition, this queen may be indicating that you are suppressing your true feelings in order to gain acceptance, which is the perfect way to sabotage yourself. How can the others take care of your needs if you don't even express them? 


If the Queen of Cups appears reversed, it usually symbolizes a woman prone to excessive sentimentality. She is touchy, grumpy, irritable, capricious. She enjoys melodrama and she is constantly looking for reassurance. She is unreliable, deceitful and cunning. This Queen may also be a woman suffering from serious depression. 


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