Two of Cups

The young couple on the illustration of this card indicates a most fulfilling relationship. The man and woman of this card are offering a cup to each other and they seem ready and willing to embark on a most romantic journey together...

General meaning
The Two of Cups is a beautiful, romantic card. The Cups represent feelings and this card symbolizes the beginning of a close, loving relationship where the feelings are mutual. It is also a sign of reconciliation through mutual understanding and acceptance.

The appearance of the Two of Cups is also the best omen for collaborations full of understanding. It indicates the resolution of conflicts and the restoration of balance.


In negative position

If the Two Cups appears upright in a negative position, it suggests that you have a permanent feeling that the others don't understand you and don't care about your needs. Alternatively, it may mean that you find it hard to approach someone you care about or that you are afraid of commitment. You need to rid yourself of fear. Express your feelings instead of stifling them. Don't be afraid of getting hurt.



If the Two Cups appears reversed, it is usually an indication of emotional ordeal. You may be experiencing serious troubles with your partner. There may be fights and the communication between you may be poor or absent. Try to be calm and don't make decisions hastily. Don't be quarrelsome and stop hiding behind your ego. The Two of Cups reversed warns of tears, separation and disappointment.

The same applies for professional partnerships and relationships within the family. If you examine the card illustration, you will see that partners don't even look at each other. That's how things are in your life: nobody wants to see eye to eye with anyone. You're all just trying to protect yourselves. 


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