Three of Pentacles



In the illustration of the Three of Pentacles we can see a craftsman carving a statue in a temple, while two priests are supervising and applauding his work. It is obvious that they admire and acknowledge its value.

 General meaning

If you get the Three of Pentacles in a spread, it is an indication that the hard work you have done will be recognized and rewarded accordingly. Moreover, the Three of Pentacles suggests that you can greatly benefit from teamwork and partnerships.

If the question is about emotional issues, the Three of Pentacles advises to pay attention to details. Don't leave anything to chance. Make up a strategy and stick to it. 

In negative position

If the Three of Pentacles appears upright in an negative position, it suggests that you are too concerned about other people's opinion. This is just hindering your progress. Focus on your work and never mind the comments.


the Three of Pentacles appears reversed, it suggests that you are unable to understand the details of a critical issue, thus you appear ignorant and careless. Make sure you concentrate in order to avoid serious mistakes.

In addition, the Three of Pentacles reversed may indicate that you are on the receiving end of some very harsh but justified criticism. Whether it is because of your inexperience or carelessness, or your lack of interest in your duties, you fail to collaborate with others or to produce what is required of you. Don't resort to anger. Consider the reasons for the criticism against you and adapt to whatever your superiors ask of you. Alternatively, you seem to be scattering your talent and energy without any focus at all. 



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