Four of Pentacles

Although relatively simple, the illustration on the Four of Pentacles is particularly eloquent. A man is holding tight on his shiny coin while his feet rest on two other coins and a forth-one is crowning his head. If anything, this is someone who says plainly: "Whatever I have is mine and not yours."

General meaning

When you
get the Four of Pentacles, you definitely need to re-examine the way you feel about the material side of life. You may have become stingy and mean. Even if you have worked hard to obtain what you have, that's no reason why you shouldn't share. This card symbolizes the fear of loss, mainly of material things. It is certainly legitimate to try to keep what you've gained, but don't fall into the trap of avarice. Share your belongings with others or make investments. It will serve your interests much better. 

If the question relates to personal relationships, the Four of Pentacles is posing some interesting questions: have you been trying to maintain a relationship solely out of the fear of loneliness? Do you ever feel that you have “invested too much” in your partner or child and now you want your pay back? Are you trying to control the people around you through the use of money? When you answer these questions for yourself, you will understand what you have to do.

The Fours indicate stability and structures. If the matter involves business or financial plans, then the Four of Pentacles usually advises to first secure your belongings or assets and then move on to new ventures. Be cautious and practical.

In negative position

If the Four
of Pentacles appears upright in a negative position, it may indicate that you are simply sabotaging yourself by being too obstinate or selfish. Let go of control. Alternatively, this card may stand for your anxiety to obtain or maintain security in your life. You need to be more flexible and generous if you want things to go your way.




If the Four
of Pentacles appears reversed, it serves as a warning about a person who is trying to manipulate you through the use of money. Avoid direct confrontations and work on your independence.

Alternatively, the Four of Pentacles reversed indicates that you are suffering so much from your insecurity that you don't dare to make any changes at all. Release yourself from this prison. The ideals of the Pentacles are all about pragmatism and methodical pursuit of goals. Don't allow yourself to stagnate.



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