Five of Pentacles

The illustration of the Five of Pentacles leaves no room for misinterpretation: this is a card about loss, deprivation, rejection and pain. In the picture , there's a cripple and a beggar wandering alone out there in the cold, the snow and the wilderness.

General meaning

The Five of Pentacles often implies the loss of goods,
work, health or property. It is often associated with unemployment and some sort of economic disaster. Not such a positive card but the question soon arises: "How do I get back on track?".

I have already mentioned that the Fives are associated with the Hierophant and therefore the answers they offer are somehow "spiritual". The advice of this card is: “No matter what or how much you have lost, the real wealth still stands within”. You need to find the courage to go through hardships, mishaps and setbacks. Many people have been ruined (financially, professionally or personally) but managed to re-build their life. Don't give up. No matter how devastated you feel now, you just have to hang on in there.

If the question concerns personal affairs, the Five of Pentacles indicates that you are trapped in a relationship in which you feel rejected or unwanted. Don't allow this feeling to turn you into a beggar. Use the ideals of the Pentacles (pragmatism, realism, security) in order to evaluate the situation. If you are constantly deprived of things you need, it's time go let go. 



In negative position

If the Five
of Pentacles appears upright in a negative position in a question about your love life, it usually indicates self-victimization. You may think you deserve to be treated badly. You urgently need to restore your self-confidence. There is no other way to get out of the situation.

In a more general question, it is obvious that lack of work or health is hindering you at the moment. Be patient. 


If the Five
of Pentacles appears reversed, it usually indicates that financial distress will probably last more than you think. More time is required before any positive change appears, so you have to gather all your courage.

A second thing you should have in mind when you get the Five of Pentacles reversed is that you need to protect and take care of your health. Show strength, courage and patience. Be practical and persistent. Look for shelter, help or refuge in order to go through this difficult period.



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