Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles may seem relatively simple in its message, but it is an extremely ambiguous card. On its illustration, we can see a man weighing his coins and giving some to one of the two beggars lying at his feet.

General meaning

If you bear in mind that the Pentacles are associated to the material side of life and the Sixes to balance, then the first interpretation of the Six of Pentacles is clear: share what you have with people in need, it will be beneficial for you. If you look closely at the illustartion, you will see that the man has to give away some of his coins in order to keep the scales in balance. If he put the coins on the scales, the balance would be lost and all the coins would fall to the ground. Be generous. On a second level, the Six of Pentacles may indicate that you will soon receive material or moral support from an important person who will see you through a very difficult period.

In negative position

If the Six of Pentacles appears upright in a negative position, it urges you to consider the meaning of offering and receiving. Have you been seeking approval through your actions of charity? Is there someone in your life who's buying off your affection or love? The link between loss and profit may be very fragile so this card emphasizes the need to be conscious of your motives.

The Six of Pentacles also states another face of balance: only one of the beggars seems to be benefiting from the man's charity, while the other remains empty-handed. This can present a real life situation: not everybody can be a winner so don't rely on other people's help in order to achieve what you want. 

If the Six
of Pentacles appears reversed, it serves as a warning not to scatter your money and possessions as you have not yet secured your financial ground. It may also indicate that someone may seem weak and poor or in need, but it's only a pretense. Check your information before you open your purse or heart.

On a second level, the Six of Pentacles urges you not to expect help from anyone. Other people are incapable or unwilling to help you. You need to find a way to take care of yourself alone. Also, be prepared to defend your dignity against people who have helped you in the past and have now come back to collect this debt, be it moral or real. 


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