Seven of Pentacles

On the illustration of the Seven of Pentacles, we can see a man standing in front of a bush and observing the seven coins on its branches. This is the farmer who evaluates the harvest and wonders whether the time has come to cut the fruit from the tree, or if he has to wait a little longer.

General meaning

The Seven of Pentacles is the evaluation card. When it appears in a spread, it prompts you to take one step back and evaluate your progress so far. The first thing to do is to re-affrim you still want the same things as you did when you started your venture. You have made a long journey up to this point and you could be wondering whether it was worth the effort. Make sure you're on the right track before you move on. Even if you realize that you want to change direction, don't be afraid to be honest with yourself and with others.

In general, however, the Seven of Pentacles indicates future success if you continue the hard work. Also avoid making any decisions before you take all factors into account.

In negative position

When the Seven of Pentacles appears upright in a negative position, it means there is a timing problem. You may be too impatient or, exaclty the opposite, too passive. You need to learn to read the signs before you move on to any new venture. You can't expect immediate results to your efforts but don't give up. Allow time for your efforts to bring fruit.


If the Seven of Pentacles appears reversed, it warns against making hasty moves, especially in financial and business matters. Even if you are frustrated by the slow progress of your affairs, it's not a good idea to abandon your efforts. Keep your eyes open because you might miss some important opportunities. 



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