Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is a card which stands for welfare, family support, security and abundance. On its illustration, we can see a family celebrating in the garden, under a shower of pouring coins.

General meaning

The Ten of Pentacles indicates financial success and great achievements, especially in activities carried out within the family boundaries: it may be a family business or an inheritance. Prosperity is a fact and you can enjoy it without stress. Also, the family is very supportive of its members. In questions relating to personal relations, this card indicates entering a rich family, probably through marriage.

In negative position

The message of the
Ten of Pentacles upright in a negative position is to avoid using your personal or family's financial means in order to influence situations or people. You need to rise to the occasion and use fair means. This card may also indicate that sometimes you seem to be hiding behind conservative beliefs or that you are too obsessed with the pursuit of wealth that you eventually suppress your true nature. Everyone wants to be financially secure, but you need to find out what more there is to life.


If the Ten of Pentacles appears reversed, it is an indication of disputes over estate or money within the family. If you're expecting to inherit something from a relative, be warned that it's not worth the wait.

On a second level, the Ten of Pentacles reversed suggests that sometimes, close family bonds may restrict progress. Make your own choices regardless of what your family expects of you. Your freedom of speech or action may be sacrificed for the common good. It is up to you to decide whether it's worth it or not. 



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