Six of Swords

The illustration of the Six of Swords causes mixed feelings: two people with their head covered and bowed, board a boat sailing in calm waters for some shore. Their posture shows that they have gone through many hardships, but the sixes are always filled with a balancing energy. 

General meaning

When you get the Six of Swords, you can feel safe again. You may have suffered, lost or been defeated in the most humiliating manner, but things are looking up for you now. This is a time of sailing to calmer waters, away from all your troubles. The Six of Swords indicates that you may still feel a bit depressed and pessimistic, but the situation will soon improve. Peace and harmony are slowly but steadily coming back into your life. 

On a deeper plane, and since the Swords are related to ideas, speech and communication, the Six of Swords indicates that you will soon receive some important news or ideas that will help you overcome some very serious problems. Finally, on a more practical level, the Six of Swords usually indicates a pleasant sea voyage.

In negative position

If the Six of Swords appears upright in a negative position, you need to consider whether you are constantly sabotaging yourself, by recycling old problems. Especially if you feel that your life is boring and uninteresting, you need to take iniciative in order to come out of such stagnant waters.

If your question is about your personal life, you may need to re-examine the ways you use to communicate. Are you repeating the same things again and again? Are you using psycological pressure in order to perusade others to go your way? You need a lot more honesty and a lot less bias in your methods of communication. Problem solving requires mutual understanding. Remember that Swords are associated with understanding, perception and truthful communication.


If the Six of Swords appears reversed, it is not a particularly negative card. It may indicate that the problems are not over yet so more courage and strength are required. Moreover, the Six of Swords reversed may indicate that you refuse to deal with difficult situations, so you resort to half-hearted and temporary solutions. This may be comforting for a while, but sooner or later you'll need to find a permanent solution. Find the courage to make the necessary decisions in order to proceed in life.

Finally, the Six of Swords reversed may indicate delays, postponements or cancellations of trips or important meetings.


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