Seven of Swords

This is the so called "thief-card." on the illustration of the Seven of Swords, we can see a man sneaking away from a camp, holding five of the seven swords.

General meaning

you get the Seven of Swords, it usually indicates there's a thief around you: this person may be stealing your money, time, energy, dignity, trust, ideas or plans. This cards stands for things happening behind your back. Moreover, since the Swords are related to ideas and reason, this card often indicates gossip and malicious hidden plans. In general, Seven of Swords warns you of an enemy who undermines your plans or someone who is fighting you using underhand methods.

The best thing to do in such cases is to avoid confrontation. You need to fight your enemy with his own weapons: they say that sometimes, to catch a thief, you have to be a thief. So, don't reveal your plans, keep your eyes and ears open and don't be naive as to people's intentions.

On a second level, the appearance of Seven of Swords suggests that you are avoiding the truth. You don't mean to accept the consequences of your actions and you're being irresponsible. You lack the courage to defend your choices so you resort to pretense. Additionally, you may be neglacting your duties and obligations.

In negative position

When the Seven of Swords appears upright in a negative position, it means the same as above. Protect yourself from any possible underhand behavior and enemies.


If the
Seven of Swords appears reversed, it urges you to abandon any illegal, unethical or malicious plans. Your underhand pursuits will soon come to light and you will be exposed and ridiculed.

If the questions is about handling difficult situations, the Seven of Swords reversed indicates that you are too vulnerable due to character flaws, which will soon be used against you. Don't allow your weaknesses to come to light.


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