Ten of Swords

Tens symbolize the end of a cycle but unfortunately, not all things always end in the best of ways. The Ten of Swords is a card of destruction. The absolute end is here. On the card's illustration we can see a man having been mortally pierced by ten swords. There's no doubt that this man is dead. What is more, he's probably been murdered, judging from the positions of the swords that rip his body. 

General meaning

The Ten of Swords has a very clear message to bring you: it's all over. The painful, and perhaps deceitful, end is here and there's nothing you can do about it. Nothing can be brought back to life when this card appears. The sooner you accept it, the better. You may be feeling betrayed, very deeply hurt and defenseless but you can't change what has already happened. On a more practical level, the Ten of Swords indicates that all plans are wrecked and efforts completely fail. Also, this card suggests violence - physical or psychological.


The destruction symbolized by the Ten of Swords is total and complete, so this card is traditionally very much feared. But all Tarot cards include a positive message as well and this one is no exception: there's is a sun shining at the background. The long night of pain is coming to an end. You have reached the lowest point of the circle so nothing can get any worse. Now is the time to move on. Even if you think that you will never recover from such a blow, things will start to look up for you in the future.

The Ten of Swords is one of the most powerful cards of the Tarot. What you need to remember if you get this card is that some negative experiences are necessary so that we can be purged from unworthy feelings, people or situations. Consider this blow to be an opportunity to build your life from scratch. There's no point in analysing once again what happened or why things went wrong. You just need to find your strength again and leave it all behind.

In negative position

The message of the Ten of Swords upright in a negative position is the same as above. You definitely need to study this card and find your courage to accept the bitter end. The more you analyse it inside your mind, the more vulnerable you become. 


If the Ten of Swords appears reversed, it is an indication that the difficult situation you're delaing with today, will probably get worse. The ultimate end is inevitable but this time it's slow and painful. Every day that goes by adds to your torture. You need to protect yourself from any harmful situations, at all costs. Physical violence is very probable, so do your best to avoid it or ask for help. Hate and revenge will get you nowhere, so do yourself a favor and leave it all behind. 




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