Page of Swords

The Page of Swords represents a young person (child, adolescent, young adult male or female) characterized by particular agility of both body and mind, powerful perception, excellent verbal abilities and penetrating and analytical thinking. And, certainly, this is a person who has an opinion about everyone and everything.

These people tend to be stubborn but their cleverness allows them to use their rationality when they want to defend or transmit their beliefs. On the card's illustration, we can see a young man with his raised sword, a symbol of his intellectuality, honesty and clarity, walking lightly, throwing glances around him, as if trying not to miss anything.

General meaning

n general, Swords usually indicate debate, strife, challenges and demands and their Page urges you to diplomatically negotiate with your rivals or opponents. You must also keep your eyes open for any useful information or document that comes your way. Being alert will greatly help you when this Page appears. There may be a sudden change and you'll have to make quick and important decisions.

In matters relating to personal relations, the Page of Swords could be symbolizing a challenge between or around the couple. Lots of information will come in disguise. In professional matters, the Page of Swords represents someone who challenges your talents or abilities, so you will soon be asked to answer. Use your spiritual power and make sure you communicate effectively with clients and colleagues. 

In negative position
If the Page of Swords appears upright in a negative position, he usually indicates that the main problem comes from your inability or your refusal to negotiate diplomatically. It may also indiacate that you're a “know-it-all”, which leads you away from the truth. Finally, this Page may be acting as a spy or a stalker. Beware and make sure to limit your exposure to such dangers.

If the Page of Swords appears reversed, he then usually stands for a cunning, devious, dishonest, even vengeful person. Keep your eyes open and double-check all the information that comes your way. Beware of people who try to cover their weaknesses by hurting others.

If the Page of Swords stands for situations, it's quite obvious that you'll soon have to display or protect balance. You may also have to go to certain extends in order to check some facts or people. Also, you be be tested by others. Be receptive, objective and honest but keep your guard. This card reversed also symbolizes a situation in which you are the victim of deception and exploitation, but things won't become clear without your effort. Investigate what is happening behind your back and plan your course of action. 





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