Knight of Swords

Judging from the illustration of the Knight of Swords, who is riding his horse in battle with his sword raised, we can understand that this is a courageous and impartial defender of his cause and he won't back away from any danger, fight of conflict.

The Knight of Swords represents a man of about forty years of age, with a very strong personality. He has a sharp mind and doesn't abandon his goals easily. He can be a very powerful and steadfast friend but also, a very strong opponent. He doesn't hesitate to run into battle in order to defend his interests and beliefs and he has a very high sense of justice. He's also characterized by skill and bravery but he can be brash and vindictive at times. 

General meaning

In matters relating to personal relations, the Knight of Swords usually indicates fierce conflicts and strife. Nobody is willing to compromise their ideals, beliefs and personal truth. The Knight of Swords may be too aggressive at times, but he's fair. If you face him in an honorable manner, he will show you respect, even if he disagrees with you. Also, the Knight of Swords indicates a partner who's cut off and he appears emotionally cold and distant. Keep in mind that what he's trying to do is to evaluate things using his reason and not his heart.

In matters relating to professional issues, the Knight of Swords represents a man with the above-mentioned character and/or features, who's aggressive, audacious and impetuous. He may also stand for a strong opponent who will resist and fight till the end. You can enter the battle if you feel you should but don't use any underhand methods or tactics or the wrath of the Knight of Swords will be catastrophic for you.

In negative position

If the Knight of Swords appears upright in a negative position, he usually indicates either that a person with the above-mentioned character and/or features creates problems in your endeavors or that your aggression is what leads you to failure. Be careful of how you talk to others, stop attacking everyone, do not criticize and stop being rude and intrusive. In an advisory position, the Knight of Swords urges you to show stability and courage in your battle to win something instead of retreating in front of opposition, difficulty and adversity.


If the Knight of Swords appears reversed, he then usually represents a man of about forty years of age who is inconsistent, eccentric, headstrong and reckless. Also, the Knight of Swords reversed may indicate aggression, violence (verbal, psychological or physical) and collapse. Protect yourself and avoid exposure to risk.


If the Knight of Swords stands for situations, he then usually implies friction, strife, serious quarrels, hostility and anger. Make sure you get away as quickly as possible. Don't let anyone push you over your limits.



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