Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords represents a woman who is very independent and doesn't tolerate being told what to do or how to do it. She's strict and proud and she doesn't swallow insults of any type. Her mind works fast and she immediately recognizes dangers and pitfalls. This woman also has a very sharp tongue. She's fair, objective, and realistic but somewhat distant or cold. On the illustration of the card we can see her reign with her sword raised while her other hand is open to the sky. This posture symbolizes that the woman is motivated by her beliefs and ideals and not by her feelings.

General meaning

In matters relating to personal relations, the Queen of Swords represents a woman with the above-mentioned character and/or features. She may be you mother, mother-in-law or boss. This is a woman who has suffered a lot in her life, she may be a widow or divorced, and she tends to hold grudges. She also prompts you to adopt her characteristics in order to improve your relationships: be forthright, honest, fair, and don't bother with appearances. Stop hiding behind words and dare to speak up. Even if this causes unfavorable comments about you, remember that the truth should always go first.

In matters relating to professional life, the Queen of Swords represents a woman who can be more ... manlike than many men. She's very dynamic and intelligent. She won't give anything for free but she won't be asked to be given anything for free either. She's honest, hard-working and diligent. She addresses all challenges and knows how to fight her battles.

In negative position

If the Queen of Swords appear
s upright in a negative position, she usually indicates either that a woman with the above-mentioned character and/or features stands in your way with her critical attitude, or that your judgmental attitude alienates those around you. Avoid criticism and nasty comments.


If the Queen of Swords appears reversed, she then usually symbolizes a malicious and frustrated woman. She has suffered a lot in life (infidelity, divorce or widowhood) and this has made her bitter, contentious and highly critical. She's intolerant and vindictive and gossip is her favourite past-time. You must be very careful with this woman. Her poisonous words may have a catastrophic impact on your affairs.



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