Ace of Swords
altThe Swords stand for spirituality, perception, mental ability, reason, logic, ideas, conflicts, frictions and aggression. The Ace of Swords is a highly powerful card. 

General meaning

Taking into account that Aces symbolize the basic energy of each family as well as new beginnings, it is pretty obvious that the Ace of Swords represents a person's determination to find the truth. Whether the question is about personal relationships or professional aspirations, the appearance of the Ace of Swords in a spread urges you to be direct, honest, impartial and decisive. Use your sword of intellect to penetrate all illusions. Use your logic and other spiritual virtues in order to realize or restore the truth. Make sure you show fairness and justice. The hand which rises the sword firmly in the air cannot afford to hit wrongly, nor to be misled by transient feelings.

When you get the Ace od Swords, you also need to remember that something that must be expressed either in words or works. If you face challenge or serious difficulties, the Ace of Swords prompts you to use your common sense and innate sense of balance. Do what you think is right and focus greatly on what you want to achieve.

In negative position

If the Ace of Swords appears upright in a negative position, it may indicate two things: the first is that the mind has prevailed over the heart and this is not helping you at the moment. Stop overanalysing things or the confusion will get worse. Keep a cool head if you want to see the whole picture.

The second interpretation refers to your lack of confidence and decisiveness. You keep putting off dealing with difficult situations but this is only hindering your progress. Clarify things as soon as possible. Remember that the Ace of Swords is a very powerful card which stresses exaggeration, for better of for worse. 


If the Ace of Swords appears reversed, it is an indication that your spiritual power is not used properly. You are trapped inside old ideas and prejudice. Your behaviour is unjust, unbalanced and offensive (both verbally and physically). You now need to concentrate on what is really important. When this card appears reversed, it shows that you have distanced yourself from the truth and its pursuit. Don't try to deceive others or impose your beliefs and will on them. It won't have a good result in the long run. Also, protect yourself from confusion and violence. There will be challenges on the way and you need to be prepared. 


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