Eight of Wands
The Eight of Wands is one of the two Tarot cards which don't illustrate a person (the other is the Wheel of Fortune). On this card we can see eight wands crossing the sky.

General meaning

The Eight Wands is a card which mainly stands for speed. Many things are starting to happen pretty quickly: new business plans start with passion and your old plans seems to be getting back to track. Everything finally seems to be moving forward. There will be many meetings, appointments, contacts, trips. Your mind works quickly and effectively now and your confidence is boosted. Anything seems possible now. The Eight of Wands favours professional advances and progress in love matters. Finally, the Eight of Wands often indicates the arrival of important good news. 

In negative position

If the Eight of Wands appears upright in a negative position, it suggests that your rush may ruin things. Calm down and don't be impatient. Don't make hasty decisions now. Also, the Eight of Wands in this position indicates that things aren't steady yet. When this torrent of events passes, you will have all the necessary information to make the right choice. Allow time to work for you.


If the Eight of Wands appears reversed, it indicates delays in your affairs. Some of your plans or trips may be postponed and it would be wise to be prepared. Bad news may also come your way. Show patience and attention, but do not be discouraged as perfect timing is everything. 



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