Nine of Wands
altIn the depiction of the Nine of Wands Nine we can see a man with his head bandaged, gripping his wand in front of a wall formed by the remaining eight wands. It is obvious that this man has been through a lot and that his attitude is now very cautious. 

General meaning

If you see the Nine of Wands in a spread, it describes the afore-mentioned situation. You have suffered some severe blows and hardships but you have nevertheless managed to take one more step towards your goal. Problems and adversity are still not finished though and you are now called to give your last battle. Draw strength from your past experiences and display the necessary courage. Your sufferings will soon be over. The Nine of Wands symbolizes one last obstacle that must be overcome in order to achieve your goal. 

In negative position 

If the Nine of Wands appears upright in a negative position, it indicates that you may have become too defensive and oversensitive. It may also indicate that you bear past grudges. You need to reconsider whether this attitude assists your endeavors. Protect yourself from anything that can hurt you but don't hit the opposite end.


If the Nine of Wands appears reversed, it serves as a reminder and warning that stubbornness almost always leads to a dead end. Do not insist on your views or attitudes simpy because you believed in them in the past. Stop hiding behind your huge ego. There's some serious action you need to take and make sure you're decent about it. Avoid being rigid and and dogmatic.


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