King of Wands

The King of Wands usually represents a man over forty years of age, charactirized by moral integrity, vigor and determination. He is the leader who inspires, the one who makes the decisions. He is active, very strong and passionate and has great faith in his abilities. On the illustration of the card we can see this king sitting on his majestic throne, holding his scepter with great determination and confidence.


General meaning

In matters relating to personal relationships, the King of Wands represents a man with the above-mentioned characteristics. He is loyal, faithful, honest, full of energy and passion. He's also very decisive and in a love affair, he's the one who calls the shots. In general, this is a favorable card to draw as it symbolizes passion, honesty and integrity.

In matters relating to work, the King of Wands represents a very powerful man, perhaps in a position of power, who likes being in charge of things. He is friendly, conscientious and stable. He can be a good leader if given the chance. If this King appears in an advisory position, he encourages you to work on the qualities he represents, namely decisiveness and integrity, in order to succeed.

In negative position

If the King of Wands appears upright in a negative position, he usually indicates either that a man with the above-mentioned character stands as an obstacle in your way, or that your know-it-all attitude is holding you back. You may also find that you tend to become rather arrogant and aggressive. You need to co-operate with others, so start working to this direction. This card is also a reminder that you need to settle any pending cases / duties / obligations you may have at work or home.


If the King of Wands appears reversed, he usually stands for a dishonest, insensitive, selfish man. He won't tolerate any retort or disobedience. His manners are authoritative and he will try to stifle any view opposing to his own. Do defend your ideas, actions and beliefs with this man. It's the only way to deal with him. 


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