Two of Wands

On the Two if Wands we can see a man relying on one of his two wands, gazing at the sky. In his hand he is holding a globe. This card stands for collaborations and also insecurity.


General meaning



Wands stand for energy and creativity. This card indicates that collaborations and partnerships are favoured during this time. It is a generally positive card suggesting that if you join forces with people who share your ideals, you can reach success.

Alternatively, the Two of Wands indicates the anxiety and insecurity you may feel about your prospects. You may feel confused as you have to make a choice between activities that require a lot of energy. If you look at the illustration on the card, you will see that the man is leaning on one of the wands. This means that you must make a firm choice and focus on a single goal. The odds may be as good for all options in front of you but your strength and passion may fail you if channeled to many directions. Choose by intuition and stay focused on your endeavor. The Two of Wands indicates that if you show vigor and perseverance you can conquer the world, as symbolized by the globe man is holding in his hands. Work and forget about your insecurities.

In negative position


When the Two of Wands appears upright in a negative position it indicates that you cannot decide what your priorities are, which makes you feel insecure about yourself and your future. You need to set new priorities as soon as possible. There is also the indication that cooperation is difficult at this time. You may need to compromise more if you want to succeed.



When the Two of Wands appears reversed, it means that you have a very serious problem in discerning any differences between the options before you. Doubt is troubling you but you need to be objective. Partnerships and co-operations should be avoided at this time as they are likely to bring about more difficulties and conflict. You'll be better off on your own.




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