Strength and Justice - The difference in numbering

You may have noticed that the Strength and Justice cards hold different numbers in various Tarot decks. This could be a bit confusing for a novice Tarot reader. so let's look at the history of this confusing issue.

At first, the Tarot trumps didn't have any numbers at all. The first widely-used deck in Europe, the Marseilles Tarot, featured Justice at number 8 and Strength at number 11. But Arthur Waite who created the most popular deck of all times, the Rider-Waite deck, reversed this numbering in order to strike a balance between Tarot and astrology, as the Strength card corresponds to Leo and the Justice card corresponds to Libra. Later on, Alistair Crowley created his Thoth tarot and used the old numbering, even though he seems to agree with the astrological association of both cards. 

So, which of these schools is correct? My opinion is all of them! You need to choose your own Tarot deck and go with its features. As with so many other things in Tarot, there's no right and wrong. You need to trust your deck and your intuition.  If you use numerology while reading the Tarot, the numbering could be important so make sure you choose a deck you like and trust. If not, use any numbering technique you like. The cards will give you an answer, no matter where they stand in the row of the Major Arcana. 


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