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Deck Review: Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Print E-mail
I chose one of my favourite tarot decks for my first review. It's the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg. When a dear friend gave it to me a few years ago, I was thrilled. I loved the spiritual feel of the cards and the detailed illustrations so it soon became one of my favourites! As you can see from the weathered back of the cards, I do use it a lot. 
The back side of the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg
 Yury Shakov, a reknown Russian artist is the creator of this deck, even though he died before he could finish all the cards and another - anonymous  - artist was called in to finish the work. Yury Shakov was famous for his miniature work, which explains the wonderful detailed work an all the cards, not only the major Arcana ones. 
Tower- Star - Moon (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg)

The Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg is a large-size deck. The cards are 7 x 12 centimetres, with a golden rim. The illustrations are done against a black background. Some figures from the major Arcana, as well as some from the minor one (particularly some Knights) resemble the saints of the Christian Orthodox Church in style but the artist stuck with the classic Rider-Waite symbolism.
 Emperor- Chariot - Wheel of Fortune (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg)
Even though the illustrations are small and detailed, this deck is easy to use both for reading as well as for meditating. All cards are clearly named in English and it just takes a little practice to get used to the russian flare of the background. Still, this may be an inappropriate deck for absolute beginners, as they may find it a bit "loaded".

As far as naming is concerned, the Pentacles are called Coins and the Wands are called Clubs. 
 Temperance - Devil - World (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg)
Two of Cups - Four of Cups- Ten of Cups  (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg) 

Ace of Coins - Five of Coins - Knight of Coins (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg)

Three of Swords - Six of Swords - Eight of Swords (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg)

Four of Clubs - Six of Clubs - Queen of Clubs (Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg)

The Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg is published by  U.S. Games and it is available on their website and on Amazon

The review above is strictly my personal opinion and not an advertisement. The deck is my own property and it was purchased with my own money or it was given to me as a personal gift. Likewise, the photos were shot by me for this particular review. 

In case you want to republish this review, please add a link back to this article.

Thank you
Demetra Serafeimidou

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