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Interpretations - Minor Arcana - Wands

Fives stand for challenges and problems that occur in our lives. In the depiction of the Five of Wands, we can see that the problem is competition, conflicts and confrontations. Five young men are struggling to prevail against each other and cross their wands in an undecided battle.


General meaning


When you get the Five of Wands, you are very likely to encounter difficulties and conflicts. The confrontation may be fierce: all parties are trying to defend themselves or to stand out for their own reasons. In such a case, you are most likely to feel anger or frustration. If you find yourself in such a conflict, you need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to conquer or protect. If it is really important for you, accept the challenge and enter the battle with dignity, always being careful not to do injustice to others.


On a different level, the Five of Wands may stand for conflicting requirements which must all be met. As you can see, all the young fighters on the card are about the same age and they're wearing almost identical clothes. In other words, the Five of Wands may indicate that it is sometimes very difficult to set priorities when there are many people or things that require our care and attention. Still, this controversy may be internal. This card often comes up when our needs and choices seem to contradict each other and it is really hard to find balance. In any case, the Five of Wands is a warning that a long period of strife is beginning. Don't hesitate to make decisions if necessary and fight for what you want but importantly, don't be afraid to fail.


In negative position

If the Five Wands appears upright in a negative position, consider whether your competitiveness and force is eventually working against you. Prioritise things and show determination but keep your temper. Stop looking for excuses to make a fuss or fight! You need to remember that other people may have different standars, needs and ideals.

In another sense, the Five of Wands upright in a negative position may indicate that you fear and despise competition so much that you become discouraged before you even fight! You need to remember that most things are not given away for free in this life, so if anything, you should at least try to get what you want.




If the Five of Wands appears reversed, it is an indication that the competition is very tough and bitter. Problems are a lot more serious with this card reversed: there is malice and vindictiveness. Opponents are trying to prevail in whatever way they can, using both fair and unfair means. Keep your eyes skinned and be prepared for the worst. Go for what you want but make sure you, at least, are a fair player.


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