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One of my most favourite decks is the Anna K. Tarot. I discovered it on the artist's website many years ago and the images really fascinated me! I loved the colours, the figures, the style... It is a Tarot deck that follows the Rider-Waite tradition with just a few adjustments. 
Anna K tarot - The back of the cards
The creator of this deck is Anna K., a young woman from Austria. Anna spent four years looking for a publisher before she decided to publish it on her own. Her deck was so successful that she soon went to to publish a second edition. Finally, it drew Llewellyn's attention and a brand new edition of the deck is now available worldwide.

The cards presented here are from the first original edition of 2008 but I think that newer versions don't differ much. Technically speaking, this is a medium sized-deck. The cards measure 16 x 12 cm. The main colours are bright yellow, bright blue and red. The cards also feature a small frame of assorting colour.
Anna K Tarot - High Priestess -Strength - Death 
Anna K Tarot - Devil - Moon - Judgement

One of the reasons I love this deck so much is the way Anna has chosen to design the so-called "negative" cards. Look at the Death card for example: a pale, white angel with black wings extends his arm to invite you on to another cycle. The expression on his face is so serene that it makes the painful ending seem as a redemption. 

Anna K Tarot - 6 Swords- 8 Swords- 10 Swords

Another cardI like very much is the 8 of Swords. A richly dressed woman is looking at her reflection in a mirror, only to see a lady who's bound and totally restricted. The question that has to be asnwered, thus, is simple: how many of the restrictions you are experiencing are real and how many just exist inside your head? 
Anna K Tarot - 2 Cups- 5 Cups- Queen of Cups

The positive cards too are very well designed. Look at the 2 of Cups: A young couple is getting close, drawing the curtains to prevent any indiscreet looks! What a cute picture, isn't it? 

Anna K Tarot - 7 Wands- 6 Wands- 8 Wands

I use the Anna K. Tarot deck quite often. It is a reliable companion to any reading that's very easy to learn and tackle. I'm also happy that a young artist has made it because in my opinion her deck is really worth it. The Anna K. tarot Deck was one of the best selling decks of Llewellyn for 2013. 
Anna K Tarot - 2 Pentacles- 5 Pentacles- 8 Pentacles
You can order the Anna K. Tarot deck stright from the artist here.  It comes in a neat black box and it is accompanied by a booklet written in German and in English. Unfortunately, when I ordered my deck bak in 2008 the English translation of the booklet wasn; available but Anna mailed it to me some months later. the book includes interpretations for all cards as well as some spreads. 

The review above is strictly my personal opinion and not an advertisement. The deck is my own property and it was purchased with my own money or it was given to me as a personal gift. Likewise, the photos were shot by me for this particular review. 

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Demetra Serafeimidou

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